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Server Service

We shall be shortly releasing our Total Upload Server Service. This is a special service for those that cannot run software on their own web server. This may be, for instance, because your ISP will not allow you to run anything other than approved CGI scripts. For those in this position, our Server Service is ideal.

What is it?

We run a special version of Total Upload on our Servers which will allow you to use the HTML code as normal except that the files will be uploaded to our servers and stored there. This then gives you the opportunity to link from your web server to the files stored on our machine with the process working as though these files were on your web server. However, if you would prefer to have the files transferred to your own machines, or even have a copy transferred for backup purposes, we can also supply you with a copy of Total Upload Special. This is software that you run on your local machines that communicates with our servers on a regular basis and uploads the files onwards to you. Please note that the machine you run Total Upload Special on does not have to be a Web Server. It must, however, have Internet access. In any case, you will automatically receive FTP access to your own area for uploading under your control and for file deletion (for storage volume management).

What does this service cost?

The charge is dependent upon the volumes stored for you on a daily basis. Each month we appraise the volume held at the end of each day and charge you according to our fixed rates for the volume held on the largest day in the month. The following are the standard rates:

Category Maximum Daily Storage U.K. Pounds Price Per Month U.S. $ Price (approx) Per Month
Small 5MB £20.00  $29.00 1
Standard > 5MB - 10MB £45.00  $65.00 1
Large > 10MB - 50MB £70.00  $107.00 1
WoW! > 50MB £100.001 $143.00 1

1 Check out our Terms and Conditions with regard to U.S. $ pricing

Remember that we don't throttle your usage - you can take as much storage as you need - you just pay us for the category of use retrospectively on a monthly basis.

What are the payment terms?

The initial deposit is three months in advance and monthly in advance from that time on. When you sign up you pay for three months up front at the Small volume rate. At the end of three months, we assess your usage in the final month and begin the regular monthly charges using that volume. Thus, the payments might go like this:

Let us say that you find your maximum daily storage volume in the third month is 7.5MB and continues at that volume for the next 4 months.

Up Front

Volume category - Small $87.00
End of 3rd Month Volume category - Standard $65.00
End of 4th, 5th, 6th Months Volume category - Standard $65.00

You may cancel at any time as at the end of the current month and no further payments will be taken. However, no refunds of unused time will be made. Please note that if you do cancel, at the end of the last month, your account and all stored files will be deleted. 

Is it secure

Our storage areas will be as secure as we can make them. However, we can take no responsibility if private or confidential items are stored on our servers. If your business is in this category, we would advise you to provide your own private server and use our regular Total Upload software to manage the uploads into your own secure area. We will take regular daily backups of our total server area. However, you are advised to download from our servers your own files and back them up yourselves so that you have the best control of the situation. A charge will be raised for providing maintenance of your storage area over and above the services stated here. These charges will depend upon the work requested and will be given to you before any work is commenced.

What is Total Upload Special

This is a version of Total Upload that runs on your systems and will transfer to a machine of your choosing, in real time, any of your files that arrive on our server. For further details, click here.

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