Total Upload E-Mail Forwarding

By including a special tag  on your pages you can now have Total Upload forward the file attachment and the form results directly to an e-mail address of your choice.

How does it work?

Place a tag in the following format into your upload page:

<INPUT NAME="emailtarget" TYPE="HIDDEN" VALUE="default"> <!-- Optional! Defines the e-mail address - only needed if the attachment is to be e-mailed-->
Total upload matches the tag value - in this case "default" - to an entry in its configuration files. It will then send an e-mail to that address with both the file that was uploaded and the current form contents (as a comma separated .csv file) as attachments to that e-mail.

Why use a tag and not an e-mail address directly?

If Total Upload took the target e-mail address directly from the HTML of the page, this would leave your server open to spammers who would be able to send a file attachment to any address that they wished using your form. By using a tag which is a table look up this potential is disallowed as you have total control over the target address.

How many e-mail addresses can I have

The list in the configuration file does not have a restraint on the number of e-mail tags allowed. If you had 10 different upload pages, you could define 10 e-mail tags and thus 10 separate e-mail destinations for the file.

Can I have a file sent to multiple locations?

Yes, you can put as many emailtarget tags on the page as you need. A separate e-mail will then be created for each tag.

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