Total Upload Download

Thank you for wanting to download the evaluation copy of Total Upload.

Total Upload currently only operates under Windows NT/W2K/XP and Windows 98/ME.

The software will need to be installed on your web server. There is an environment change that is needed to your operating system and (possibly) one configuration change to your web server. Full instructions are provided with the download. A reboot will be required before you can run the software. Apart from that there are no special requirements. The software does not use the Registry in any way. Please read the README.TXT file that comes with the software.

Please note that on first starting, the software will request an IP address. This is an evaluation limitation. You should enter the IP address of the browser that you intend to use for evaluation. Additionally, in this working mode, the software will cease to operate after 24 hours and you will need to close it down and restart it.

The full licensed copy is tied to an individual server so when you decide to purchase, please have ready the computer name of the server that us intend to use.

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