Total Upload

Total Upload - A Case Study

To understand better how Total Upload might be used, the following is taken from an actual user. 

Business - Recruitment
Web Site usage - obtaining and maintaining candidate résumés
Problem - obtaining the candidate's own résumé which is normally a word processed document.

The user is an active FileMaker Pro (FMP) user and has an FMP web service running on their server.


  1. The Candidate (John Doe) opens and completes a web based form which requests information relevant to obtaining a new job

  2. The candidate submits the form

  3. An FMP database record is created and saved from the form details

  4. A new response page is created incorporating the Total Upload form. The information in this form includes a recID of #12345 (the candidate's ID  number within the FMP database) and a filename of johndoe12345.doc. This form requests that the candidate attach a résumé and click on the Submit button.

  5. On Submit, the form details are sent to Total Upload along with the attached file.

  6. Total Upload recovers the file from the form contents and saves it using the given file name in the location defined by the placement key, ascertains the recID of the candidate, finds the mask ID to be used to insert the recID into the return url, rebuilds the URL using this recID and then launches the required URL.
    This URL was provided in the form by means of the url line of the Total Upload form and was provided as:[fmp-currentrecid]&-find
    This URL was reconstructed to its final form of:

  7. When the FMP web service receives this URL request, it creates a page using candidatehome2.htm as a template with the details of candidate #12345 on the page and thanking them for registering and sending the résumé 

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