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We asked one of our first users for his comments and opinions of Total Upload. He said:


What are the benefits of using total upload?
1. Within one hour of receiving the files I had four pages of my site uploading files from my users to four different folders on my server.
2. I could name each file with my users individual id code for easy recognition.
3. I had it integrated seamlessly in my design for my site. I just put a different header in the form action tag.
4. I had all four pages responding with different URLs.
5. Unlike other solutions, I didn't have to write any Java, C or Perl, all I needed to know was simply HTML.

So to summarize, I can use any web page on my site, have a user upload any type of file I choose, place it any where on my server and then bring back any response page I like all within one hour of receiving the program.

Working with Filemaker

The best thing about this product is that you can pass a Filemaker Pro replacement tag along with the file. This means that the response page can have a tag replaced. i.e: &-recid=[fmp-currentrecid] will get replaced by this program with the record-id of the page you uploaded the file from. You can also choose which tag is exchanged on different pages. So on one page you may have the recid tag replaced and on another you may replace the -token tag. This leads to seamless integration with Filemaker Pro websites and Filemaker Web Companion - all without any complex Java or Perl -  just straight forward HTML and custom web publishing for Filemaker Pro.

Is it worth buying?

Most definitely

Is it hard to use? 

No, any novice HTML programmer should be able to upload using this facility

This works... simply!

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