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25th Nov. 2001 Total Upload adds E-Mailing of attachments once received by the server Click Here

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Having problems uploading files from your web pages? Here is the ideal solution. Total Upload enables you to incorporate a file upload onto your HTML forms simply and easily. Total Upload is not a complex ASP or Java package, just a single executable that will save any file uploaded to a named directory. Just incorporate a few lines of HTML into your page and provide a new service to your customers.

Why is Total Upload so special?

Why should you use it?

You are running in a non-ASP environment and want to be able to let your users and customers attach a file to a form and have that file saved in a specific file location on your server. By installing our simply configured software, you can do this with no skills other than HTML and the ability to follow instructions to configure your server computer and your web server (many web servers such as Sambar and Apache do not need configuration).

What do you get?

We supply a program that runs on your server. This program receives any form request you place in your web pages where you want an attached file to be uploaded. It takes the file and saves it into a folder on your server (or elsewhere across your network). It then responds to the upload with a redirected HTML page that feeds back into your standard web site but with all the information you require about the form attached as a rewritten URL. 
Click here to see the benefits of using Total Upload.

How do you get to try it?

We have set up a demonstration server which enables you to see it work and try it for yourself. Check it out. If you want to try it yourself then download the 14 day evaluation copy from here. If you would like to see a Case Study of how Total Upload is used in action then click here.

What does it cost?

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What if my ISP won't let me run code on my server?

This is a common condition and does create problems for allowing your customers to upload files. However, Total Upload has got the answer! Check out our Total Upload Server. We provide the engine for the upload and send the files to you. What could be simpler?

How do I get it

Firstly, try our evaluations. If you like what you see, go to our Order page and buy a copy.